Pictures: The moment when tornado passes over the mountains of Xanthi (near Kavala)

The wind turbine in Xanthi – Photos

It may be summer time to be here, but the weather scene does not in any way resemble that, as bad weather scans several parts of the country. Among them, Xanthi, whose inhabitants saw a huge tornado set up high up in the city’s mountains on Tuesday (16/07).

As the local website broadcasts, suddenly black clouds suddenly swept the city at midday, causing severe rainfall, although the thermometer showed 30 degrees Celsius. However, what followed then transfixed the residents watching the phenomenon that was created.

As mentioned earlier, a tornado made its appearance. It started from the mountains of the city, heading for the coastal zone. It is noted that despite the strong concern of the residents the tornado did not hit the area.

The wind turbine in Xanthi – Photos:
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