Pierrakakis: The digitization plan of the state is progressing dynamically – Upgrades to the fixed telephony network next

The plan for the digitization of the state, the actions so far, but also the next day was shared by the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis  in his discussion with the president of APE BPE Emilio Perdikaris, within the Olympia Forum conference.

“In general, it is one way to look at things in a productive optimistic way so that the needle moves for the better. We had a plan that was ready in advance. It was a plan that was started by the Prime Minister in 2018 it was extremely complete, compact, we knew what we wanted to do. The pandemic added the dimension of necessity “stressed Mr. Pierrakakis and added:” We took advantage of the situation to succeed in favour of the Greek citizen. This is just the beginning, we need to do a lot of things to accelerate we have made great progress in two years “.

The Minister referred to the large number of digital transactions, in the first half of 2021, which reached 150 million digital visits, while in 2018 they reached only 8.8 million. “There is a ‘glorious field of glory’ to continue on the same path and in a few years we will have managed to digitize the whole state.”

Gov.gr is an umbrella that “fastens” everything underneath
Asked by the president of APE BPE, Emilios Perdikaris about what the minister considers his greatest achievement, the minister stressed that “at the level of work, gov.gr is an umbrella under which everything” clicks “. And the national vaccination system.

So, gov.gr is the great digital reform of the country in the field of digital public services. Certainly the vaccination system had a great need to be implemented in a short time. But the biggest part of personal pride is the people who are contributors to this project “.

And he continued: “what is coming is a lot, it is the continuation of this course just at a faster speed. Overall, this is a comprehensive plan for the country’s transition to a new situation. And the biggest achievement of these two years is not the personalized services that have been done. The most important thing is the message they produce. If you want to do something you can do it, if he has a team, a plan, dedication “.

The landline network needs to be upgraded
Speaking about the Recovery Fund, he stressed that many investments are also corrections of the State in the private sector, such as in the telecommunications sector. “Greece is good at mobile in terms of performance, but not in fixed telephony. We have an old copper network, corrections in the market must be made “and he noted that there is a subsidy for fiber optics” if we assume that the whole country holds 4.8 million lines 812,000 lines we calculated that the white areas are where it does not make economic sense . That’s where we go and set up one of the biggest PPPs, Ultra Fast Broadband and we will subsidize the construction of these cables “.

As he pointed out, this strategy is complete, the Bible of Digital Transformation includes 440 projects “either from the Recovery Fund or from the old NSRF, or the new NSRF, the public investment program, or the state budget or with PPPs. We are not interested in the way of financing, but to “stick” to a strategy that we have defined. And I think we have an ambitious and solid plan. ”

“Investment helps competition”
The Minister referred to the Prime Minister’s initiative to reduce the mobile telephony charge to 10% for those over 30, while for young people up to 30 to zero it , “and of course investments help on the one hand the speeds and the other competition, where alternatives come to stimulate it. The JMC was signed, which allows antenna systems of a specific nature to receive internet at home via satellite “.

Finally, when asked by Mr. Perdikaris about the prospect of digital voting, the minister replied that “this is not a technological issue. The bottom line is that putting democracy and technology together must come last. “The first thing you need to do is step by step digitize the state, improve services and build trust in these systems.”

Source – iefimerida.gr”

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