PIN Regional Council Update Call for Integrated plan to strengthen medical and nursing staff in Ionian Island Hospitals

The Regional Council calls for an integrated plan to strengthen medical and nursing staff in hospitals with permanent and sustainable positions

In its resolution, the regional council of Ionian Islands requires the government to support the work of medical, nursing and nursing staff by including all sectors in the heavy and unhealthy professions, restoring an extreme adverse injustice and application of equity.

On the issue of attracting medical staff to regional hospitals, the regional council was the position of strengthening permanent positions of doctors instead of increasing grant aid, a measure which does not create security of sufficient medical coverage of the needs of the local community and is not sufficient for the Attract doctors.

In the exchange of information and discussion at the regional council, the governors of Corfu Hospitals Leonidas Roubatis, lefkada ioannis mpákabos and zakynthos giorgos ragoussis participated in the exchange of information and discussion at the regional council.

According to the resolution:

The unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus pandemic and the battle to protect public health highlights the tragic situation of hospitals in the country, especially regional hospitals with emphasis on island areas, such as the ionian islands region.
With this resolution, the Regional Council:
It recognizes the need to address this critical issue, at this moment but also on a permanent basis, that is to say, the staff of hospitals, to doctors and nurses of all medical specialties.

It recognizes and rewards the struggle of doctors and nurses in the ongoing difficult conditions, especially in tackling the pandemic Covid-19 pandemic, who are at the front line of the battle.

It notes that the measures taken so far have not been effective to create conditions for doctors and nurses to the hospitals of the ionian islands region, as well as other regional hospitals.

Recognising The need for an integrated motivation plan using scientific medical and medical personnel to help hospitals, health centres, public health structures and services in the territory, which, as shown by the years experience, can under no circumstances be limited to voluntary motivation, Because of their non-competence.

Calls on the Greek government, in view of the exceptional circumstances and efforts to protect public health, to grant monthly allowance following relevant decisions by the competent ministries of health and finance for all employees in the national health system for as long as the pandemic lasts and The emergency situation that has been caused in health structures.

Calls for, as a practical recognition of the work and role of medical, nursing and nursing staff for public health and social cohesion, the regulation of heavy and unhealthy professions (Kbae), which was adopted under law 3863/2010, should be extended and Applies to all workers, nursing, scientific, technological, health and assistance staff in nursing institutions, clinics, microbiological, biochemical, radiological and radiotherapy laboratories, health units, health centers of the National Health System (you) and the armed forces units (military hospitals, formations and ships units) as well as ambulance crews. An extreme discrimination is thus restored, thus contributing to the establishment and application of justice and justice.

Calls on the government to provide effective incentives for the development of doctors in regional hospitals such as the establishment and development of doctors and the filling of vacancies with permanent staff, in order to overcome the insecurity of local communities towards the lack of the temporary position system And the lack of interest of doctors in regional hospitals.

It highlights the importance of the initiatives of local communities, local government bodies, general hospitals for the creation of beneficial living conditions in our islands, with the main purpose of facilitating housing or providing housing with various partnerships (real estate or property rental, etc.).

The region of Ionian Islands must continue its contribution to the support of medical staff in the islands hospitals within the institutional and legal framework by evaluating the effectiveness of the measures it has implemented and taking initiatives for an integrated plan to support all health structures by taking care of it Economic potential of the region and utilizing the possibilities of all available financial tools.

source – FB post of Περιφέρεια Ιονίων Νήσων

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