Piraeus Bank: Charging 5 Euros to Thousands of Accounts – Replies Bank & Ministry

Adonis Georgiadis gave details of the billing by Piraeus Bank for an amount of 5 euros on New Year’s Day as a registration fee. The bank automatically charged thousands of e-banking users by emailing them without giving further details.

Asked on Twitter, the Minister of Development and Investment clarified that the matter was investigated by both him and the ministry services.

“It was a mistake of the system that there will be a reversal of the amount directly to those who were charged and there will be no new extra charges,” he assured.

Piraeus Bank, following the break-up, made a statement via its Facebook page, stating that “the €5 charges made to a small number of customer accounts have been made by mistake and the Bank is immediately making counterclaims. We apologize for the inconvenience and remain at the disposal of our customers. “

It should be noted, however, that many of the bank’s customers appeared angry on twitter, disapproving of the bank’s action.

source – aftodioikisi.gr

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