Piraeus-Paraporti dam can become a centre of attraction for thousands of visitors and a tourist development element

The development of a  model  Ecotourism Park  in the area  of Piraeus – Parapiros Dam, including the Artificial Lake of Asteria  , provides for  the award-winning Spatial Development Strategy presented under the  Open Area Landmark Contest organized and funded by the  Regional Development Fund  of the Region of Western Greece .

According to the proposal, the content of which was presented on Thursday, January 17, 2019 to the  Executive Committee ,  Artificial Lake Asteriou  can be integrated into  a network of natural and cultural heritage , but also to operate in conjunction with the productive networks of the northwest Peloponnese.

At the same meeting the  Executive Committee of the Region of Western Greeceapproved the content of the  Progress Report 2018 , which was presented at a  special public meeting  of the Regional Council on  Thursday 31 January 2019  at 17.30 in the Hall of the Regional Council in Patra.

Ecotourism destination is the Peiros – Paraporti dam

“For the Region of Western Greece, the Peiros-Paraporti Dam is not just an infrastructure that the region has been claiming for many years to deal with water problems. This is the one face of the coin. The other side is  the great opportunity that we have before us that the Dam and the artificial lake Asteriou constitute yet another  pole of tourism developmentthrough a  package of mild interventions  that will help attract visitors and showcase the natural landscape and the wider the inland of the  Municipalities of Erymanthos  and  Western Achaia, “  the Regional Governor Apostolos Katsifaras stressed during the meeting of the Executive Committee  .

And noted that there are areas of the country where  artificial lakes , exploited rationally, became a reference point for thousands of visitors each year and attached great importance to the process followed, stressing: ” It was an  open ,  democratic process  that introduces another, different  perception in common management . The Region of Western Greece sought all those ideas that could lead to interventions and projects that give a  development perspective . All this came about through consultation. In this way, the citizens themselves are planning the development of their region. “

When presenting the proposal, the researchers said they were in the area as visitors and were  impressed by the possibilities that exist . They described an artificial lake equivalent to that of Marathon, adding that there are  significant opportunities for intervention  to  promote an ecotourism destination.

Based on the study, the spatial organization of the area is divided into three zones, which are:

I.  Environmental protection zone : It includes the lake, lakes, forests, etc. Landscape upgrading projects, floating islands, crustaceans and gutters for streams, special observatories, sight-seeing areas, paths, cycling routes, etc. are proposed.

II. Hospitality and recreation area : Grows east of the lake. It is proposed to set up an Information Center, a forest village, a wharf, a food store, a water sports rig, canoeing, modelboating,

III. Recreation and leisure area : It concerns the southwestern shores of the lake. It is suggested to create a model recreational park and playground.

According to the proposal, the  Ecotourism Park  in the area  of the Peiros – Parapirou Dam  will have as a result the upgrading and landscaping of the settlements Asteri and Kritharakia, as well as the adjoining structured environment.

It is recalled that the purpose of the competition was the  submission of original proposals  for the  spatial organization ,  development and promotion of the area of ​​the dam and lake Asteriou  in the northwestern Peloponnese (Municipality of Erymanthous) along the national – Patra – Tripoli development axis. It is a purely developmental initiative that can prevent anarchic planning in the area around the dam.

The award-winning spatial development strategy study was drafted by  Dr. Marilena Papageorgiou , Planning and Regional Development, which was the Coordinator, the  Dr. Katerina Goltsiou  (Agricultural Engineer – Landscape Architect) and Mrs.  Dimitra Rahmanidou  (Architect Engineer). The study also collaborated with:  Spyridon Moudrichas , Architect Engineer,  Danae Karamitsiou , Planning and Regional Development Engineer , MSc,  Theoni Kostopoulou , Planning and Urban Planning Engineer, Development,  Vasiliki Danae Respe , Architect Engineer and  Stamatis Matoulas, Environmentalist – Cartographer.

Review of Regional Authority Proceedings

Following the meeting, Apostolos Katsifaras , Regional Governor of Western Greece,   joined the 2018 Progress Report, which reflects the  integrated strategy  followed by the Region of Western Greece, focusing on the axes:

  • Everyday Citizen
  • Infrastructures that respond to the modern needs of society and the economy
  • Development poles and basic infrastructure (motorways, railways, gas networks, etc.)
  • Claiming and raising resources
  • Completion of Rural Development Program
  • Tourist promotion of Western Greece
  • Energy Saving – Energy Region
  • Service Digitization – Digital Region

The District  Chief thanked  the  Vice-Chiefs  for their great contribution to the outcome. At the same time, he thanked the  members  of the  Region of Western Greece,  who formed the basis for the implementation of the Regional Authority’s work.

Referring to the new year, the District Governor pointed out that in 2019 it is a year with open elections, which should not affect the productive work of the Regional Authority and added:  “In what concerns us we will give our struggle with dignity, focused on society and the citizen. We have vision and strategy. We move firmly to our feet. We want to have the opportunity to implement our strategic vision for the well-being of the citizens of Western Greece. “

source: agropress.gr

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