Plan to remove lockdown before Christmas: It will be done in three phases – Schools, retail, catering

Stelios Petsas said today that the government’s plan to lift the lockdown is to open restaurants and cafes before Christmas.

We are a few days away from examining and presenting the plan for the next phase and the lifting of the lockdown, said Mr. Petsas, emphasizing that the government’s plan foresees the opening of schools first, then retail and then catering before from the Christmas holidays.

Restaurants and cafes will open, not bars and nightclubs

Speaking to SKAI, the government spokesman stressed that the government’s plan, always following the recommendations of experts, is to open health stores only with people sitting. He even clarified that the bars and nightclubs will not open as they gather there standing up and synchronicity is created.

At the same time, Mr. Petsas said that among the scenarios that are being examined is that there should be a specific schedule for the restaurants, without however being able to give more information since a decision has not been made yet.

Planning for the end of the lockdown – Schools, retail and catering

Asked about the schools, the government spokesman said that the plan is for the return of all students (elementary, high schools, lyceums) as soon as the epidemiological data allow it and stressed that they will be the first to open, following the example of May. “The design is expected to resemble the opening of May, ie in three phases. “Schools first, then retail and then catering .”

With restrictions the return to normalcy

However, Mr. Petsas stressed that the return to normalcy will be done with restrictions and if the epidemiological data allow it, while the final plan is expected to be presented by the government to the citizens at the beginning of next week.

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