Plastic lids swapped for wheelchairs!

In an age of general crisis of principles and values, where the meaning of the example has been lost, we have a fellow citizen, a child with special abilities and skills to be an example to be imitated for all of us.

This is Makis Papadatos.

Makis that we all know, for years has set a life goal that serves him consistently and daily interest.
He collects plastic lids from all the shops, services and houses which he sends to a company in Northern Greece and they send him wheelchairs!

         Makis Papadatos

A few days ago, he received and handed over to the Lixouri nursing home the second wheelchair he managed to secure, while the previous one was given to the Mantzavinatio Hospital.
With his insistence on achieving his goal, he has “forced” an entire Municipality to collect caps to give to Maki that we all know will pass at some point during the day !!

With his actions he shows us the way and proves that when we want something very much we can achieve it as long as we believe it !!

Thank you Maki, we are grateful to you !!

From the press office of the Municipality of Lixouri

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