Platia Ammos Beach access via 100m lift then tunnel

Untouched paradise: The most dangerous beach in Greece is one of the most beautiful in Europe

In ” Beach”, the famous movie starring  Leonardo DiCaprio , Richard learns about a hidden beach whose existence few people know. The “secret” of this earthly paradise unfolds through images of unique beauty that were in themselves a reason not to be satisfied with this production. A beach of similar beauty -which has often been compared to that of the movie- exists in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece: Kefalonia . The reason, of course, for Platia Ammos .

It is a beach untouched by human hands that without the slightest exaggeration competes in beauty even with the famous Myrtos . ” And how come we haven’t heard of her, if she’s so amazing?” you will rightly ask, but there is an explanation. First of all, apart from the locals, there are many others who know her. At least those who had a vacation in Kefalonia a few years ago and found someone to share with them the road to this wonderful beach. Then you see, her access was still open to the public. If you were brave and had the stamina to go down and up about 500 stairs , then what you would see was a spectacle you had never seen in your life.

Yes, the climb was very tiring and the suffering was great but no one regretted this life experience.  Crystal clear, turquoise waters, unique color palette, wild beauty on a crystal clear beach with fine sand that remained untouched by hordes of tourists. The Flat Sand began slowly to gain fame and beyond the island and is known throughout the length and breadth of the world. The secret was spread by word of mouth from those who had swum in its waters and wanted to give the opportunity to friends and acquaintances to do the same.

After the big earthquake in Kefalonia in 2014, however, everything changed. Much of the stairs were destroyed and now access to the world was impossible (only accessible by inflatable). Some very determined, of course, defy the danger and keep going – a huge mistake.

The reasonable question certainly concerns the next day. Is it possible to keep a beach closed that could in itself raise the heights of the tourist product of Kefalonia and Lixouri in particular?  The news is good news, especially for those who live every summer with the secret hope that Platia Ammos will reopen and they will have the opportunity to swim in its waters again.

According to secure information from Ethnos gr plan for the reopening of the beach is in the final straight. The stair solution will not be favored, as the municipal authority wants to find a permanent and safe way for citizens to access it. The plan, therefore, provides a construction that will leave the landscape unchanged and will allow the visitor to reach the beach quickly, easily and without the slightest inconvenience.

How is this going to happen;

With an elevator 100 meters high which will take you down to sea level. Then a tunnel of about 120 meters will lead to the sandy beach where you will face the paradise of Platia Ammos . 

Those who have seen it can assure you that we are talking about one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Greece, but in Europe as a whole. Yes, after the earthquake it has become one of the most dangerous in our country, but the moment when it will reopen and everyone will talk about it is not long. Keep her name and secret. The Flat Sand in a few years will be featured at the top of every list of top beaches. Everyone’s big bet is this paradise, this dreamy beach not to lose its character when mass tourism turns to it. This beautifully wild and imposing beach, you see, gives you everything and asks you for only one thing: Respect


3 thoughts on “Platia Ammos Beach access via 100m lift then tunnel

  • January 29, 2021 at 9:09 am

    As much as I think we should promote (the accessible parts of) our island; do we really have to open every corner to public? How can a lift and a tunnel not affect the landscape around that beach? At this time we don´t even know if, when and how tourism will be revived, if and how Myrtos Beach can be re-opened again. And most of all, the island needs a big clean-up in so many areas, as George Messaris wrote yesterday. Do we really think that the Beach, once conveniently accessible, will not suffer damage and littering, leave alone the fauna and flora living around it? Hans Magnus Enzensberger once said “The tourist destroys, what he is searching for, by finding it.” There is nothing more to say …

    • January 29, 2021 at 3:27 pm

      Quality beaches aren’t exactly a dime a dozen on Paliki so I see how getting this one accessible is attractive from a tourism development perspective. I doubt the lift + tunnel idea is feasible from a cost perspective but it’s definitely a fascinating idea.

  • January 29, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    So basically a lift in a vertical mineshaft that’s connected at the bottom to the beach with a horizontal tunnel? It’s a solution that occurred to be many times to solve access problems on mountainous Kefalonia but I assumed it was never done because of cost and earthquake risks.


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