Plexiglas Sunbeds Appear at Santorini Beach Setting a Greek Summer Trend

A beach bar in Santorini has become the first in Greece to install plexiglas around the sunbeds in order to protect bathers from coronavirus infection.

“Demilmar”, located at the famous black sand beach of Perissa, came with this boldly innovative idea to ensure that people will indeed be able to go to the beach this summer — while feeling and being safe at the same time.

Owner Charlie Chahine told Greek media: “We need to find a solution to make people safe this summer. We cannot wait for authorities to make recommendations. We must act now.”

He says that sunbeds will also include personal protection measures, such as antiseptics, while “staff will be equipped with masks and gloves.”

The Santorini beach bar is perhaps establishing a trend that would be followed by others throughout the country.

As social distancing rules are expected to stay in effect and not be abolished for months to come, countries such as  Greece are thinking “outside the box” about ways to boost their tourism during such a difficult time.

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