Police forces just left the port of Sami (Images & video)

Eruptions prevailed earlier in the port of Sami where strong police forces had arrived.
According to the first information, their arrival took place following a prosecutor’s order with the aim of removing the gathered and unloading the wind turbines that remain for the 13th day on the cargo ship that transported them to our island.

A few minutes ago, the forces withdrew, the port gates were opened and dozens of citizens from all Municipal Units found themselves at the pier where members of the Municipal Council and representatives of organizations and collectives that react to the creation of the new wind farm in Xerakias remained.

This is definitely an unprecedented situation for our region, indicative of the criticality of the issue, which we hope will end immediately and in the best possible way for our Municipality. And above all without unnecessary tensions that will be incompatible with our culture and civilization. It is no coincidence that the gathered people earlier welcomed the police forces with dances and songs, as well as with the Kefalonian ball they expressed their satisfaction for their departure.

We are following the developments and will inform you about the latest developments.

Source: poulatakefalonias.gr

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