Pomegranates are selling out, for good luck, in the popular: More than 4,000 tons “sold” – Why do we break them on New Year’s Eve

With the pomegranates in hand, ready to “break” them as the custom states to enter the new year happily, it seems that they are the most, with the hope that in 2021 it will bring good luck and “erase” all the bad memories of this year.

At least that is clear from the sales of pomegranates that have been launched, with the producers saying that they are almost sold out! More than four thousand tons of table pomegranates have already been sold in Greece and abroad.

Tradition wants a pomegranate to be broken
The tradition, which comes from antiquity and symbolizes, with the breaking of the pomegranate, the rejuvenation, the good fortune, the wealth , a positive development, this year is more than ever in the foreground and the pomegranate in addition to its antioxidant role has taken over Panagiotis Athanasiadis, director of the Agricultural Cooperative of the Drama Producers Group, explained this symbolism of the “new page” to the radio station of the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency “Agency 104.9 FM”.

“This year, sales compared to other years have broken every record and pomegranate has already reached consumers both in our country and abroad, where they prefer it in relation to productions of other countries, because they know that the microclimate of our country “It is ideal, the air, the sea, the temperature, the sun make our pomegranates better and why not more gourds!”, says the director of ASOP Drama, which exports this agricultural product to 16 countries.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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