Poros beach art damaged by Winter storms

Giannis Theotokatos: The artist “Sisyphus” of the beach of Poros Kefalonia!
If you remember, I first introduced you to the artist and winter swimmer of Trypes Beach of Poros, Kefalonia Giannis Theotokatos who in order to offer to our place created works of art on the edge of the beach!
The creations of Giannis Theotokatos were made since then and especially last summer as a place of attraction for tourists and other visitors as their fame and the publicity they received from the Kefalonian and English-speaking local media attracted people who admired them!
But today, when I visited him, Giannis Theotokatos showed me the damage caused by the bad weather to his works of art!
 He also told me that he feels like the mythical Greek Sisyphus who was sentenced to carry a rock on top of a hill every day only when reaching the top the rock rolled down again forcing him to climb again!
The Porian creator of the Italian inspiration “Arte Povere” or the so-called “Poor Art” (where he makes art with whatever you find) Giannis Theotokatos, however is not afraid and promises with joy to build again that nature has demolished!


Spyros Kagkadis

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