Poros Bridge: Actions during the storm

The community of Poros asks the citizens living in the area of ​​Raya Poros to take the appropriate measures in time in their road movements for the coming bad weather.
We would like to inform you that with the sole aim of immediacy and efficiency, for interventions that are necessary for the safety of the citizens, the repair works of the Bailey Bridge of Poros started, and the contractor was asked to complete the project as soon as possible.
With the start of works on the bridge, the construction of the sidewalk was accelerated and completed which allows comfortable passage exclusively for pedestrians and the movement of vehicles is not allowed.
For the movement of vehicles is the coastal road of the river, which in the event of heavy rainfall and for some time after, requires special attention.
A) Avoid your movements on foot or in your car, on a flooded road on the river.
B) Change your travel schedule.
C) Find out in advance about the condition of the road network.
D) Carefully observe the height of the water on the road to the river.
Finally, we would like to inform you that the Municipality has taken all the necessary protection measures. Such as fire brigade, vehicle and personnel on hand in the Raya area.
For more information, please contact the Deputy Mayor of Eleios-Pronnon, Mr. Kourkoumelis Nikolaos 6972336053 and the president of the community of Poros, Mr. Odysseas Galiatsatos 6932638470.
The president of Poros
Odysseas Galiatsatos.

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