Poros: Coronavirus test results today

Low turnout for rapid tests in Poros.
Result relief but reflection on the fact that few checks were done.
85 rapid tests were carried out by an EODY crew at the community store of Poros, whose results were all negative.
People preferred to stay in their home, maybe not informed enough, either way, people’s turnout at Covid-19 antigen rapid detection (rapid test) conducted today Thursday April 8 in Poros from EODY’s scale was low.
In total, 85 checks were done, all results were negative.
It should be noted that positive cases have been identified in the area. This is why it would be appropriate for the turnout to be massive so that there would be a representative sample of our region’s viral load.
The virus exists proven, and will continue to exist. Let’s all make sure we protect ourselves and if we do that, we protect others.
We must all, seriously and calmly, deal with this difficult situation. We are all potential patients. Both young and old can be very seriously ill.
Get well soon to our village people, which is the most important thing.
The President Community of Poros
Odysseus Galiatsatos

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