today’s carnival procession at Poros Kefalonia

The Carnival Events were completed with a lot of fun and people in Poros!

With a lot of fun, music and dancing in the presence of many people, the Carnival Parade with chariots and mascara in Poros, Kefalonia, took place today!

This was the first appearance of the Queen of this year’s Kefallonian Carnival and the King of Carnival.

The Elios-Prodon Philharmonic played music and there were stilts and many other surprises!

The presence of Mayor of Kefalonia, Alexandros Parissis, was the prominent event, which was the aim of the prestigious celebratory feasts of the presenters.

The event was honoured by the President of KEDIKE Angelos Konstantakis, Deputy Mayor of Elios-Propon Spyronikolas Solomos, the President of Poros Yiannis Petratos and the Regional Councilor Katerina Vangelatou who were the first to dance and dance!

Gepostet von Spiros Kagadis am Sonntag, 3. März 2019

source-kefaloniamagazine,gr and FB of Spyros Kagadis

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