Poros: The island spent the night without electricity

Poros was left without electricity after the tragic helicopter crash, which damaged the district’s high-voltage grid. With the coming of the night, those who wanted to enjoy their ride were not blown away, so as you can see in the video provided by Grtimes.gr, many people were circulating the port, even with lenses.

Lighting was minimal in the settlement and only a few companies, possibly using generators, had electricity and were operating.

The shopkeepers are in despair, as due to damage to the HEDN network, some have had to throw away sensitive products that needed cooling, while others cannot operate as they do not have a generator.

Everyone hopes that at some point in the day today, Wednesday 21.08.2019, the damage will be restored, as promised by the authorities.

And while the picture may seem romantic in the harbor, the helicopter crash monopolizes the world’s debate.


Measures to address civil protection problems in Poros

All services are fully alert and alert so that life in Poros will not be disturbed due to the damage to the power cables from the helicopter crash.

However, on the orders of Secretary General of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalia, who is on the open line with all stakeholders from the first moment, immediate power plants were started for the island so that electricity could be provided overnight while a Coordination Center was set up in the Center. Resource Education, which will be attended by the Mayor for incident management.

With the coordination of the GAPP, a total of seven very high power generators are transferred to Poros, namely two of HEDNO, two of the Army, two of EYDAP, and one is a privately owned company.

Reportedly, specialist repair crews and materials arrived at Poros around 10pm and worked feverishly overnight to restore electricity today.

The Coordination Center remained open throughout the night and could address any citizen for any problems that might arise.

At the same time, by order of Mr. Chardalia, the passenger / ferryboat operating the Poros-Galatas route was available all night long, and, in order to feel safe for residents and holidaymakers, after contacting the Secretary General with the Head of ELAS and EKAS , police officers from the DIAS Team, as well as ambulances and doctors, went.

Source: gr times, RES-EIA

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