Port of Patras: Ship with 400 Greeks from Italy arrives in the evening – Taxi drivers refuse to transport them


The boat left the port of Ancona about 4 hours late (due to depart at 5.30 in the afternoon and depart at 10 in the evening).

Passengers on the ship, after being registered by the authorities, will be placed in a 14-day quarantine at their home. Many will come with their cars, however, many have no means of commuting.

According to Patras taxi owners’ association, the taxi drivers were informally requested to transport them.

The Association calls on its members not to carry passengers from Italy, as they say they will also be quarantined.s

“We inform you that tomorrow a ship from Italy will arrive in Patras as part of the repatriation of Greeks abroad.

According to the instructions of experts, they are considered as a high risk for the spread of the virus and therefore, for all repatriated persons, the obligation of immediate self-limitation (quarantine) for 14 days applies.

Impacts are made on the transport of these people by public utility vehicles and between them and taxis. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the Management of the Association is in a negative mood for this transfer and decided unanimously to recommend that our colleagues and our families and those who come into contact with us be in immediate danger.

We are already in consultation with the relevant Ministry, the District, the Port Authority and OLAF to ensure that the state transports passengers safely through the rest of the state.

Colleagues who, despite the instructions, carry passengers on board the ships will be registered by the relevant state authorities and quarantined as vehicles are decommissioned for the period provided.

The issue is extremely dangerous and therefore everyone must apply the rules.

Note: The risk of carrying these passengers is high and therefore it is forbidden to leave the port and boarding will take place within the enclosed port area by the boat door that will carry them. “

Source – tempo24.news

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