Position of Mayor of Sami regarding new wind turbines

Following this, by order of the prosecutor, the Port Authority of Kefalonia convened a meeting with the Police Director of Kefallinia, the President of the Port Fund and the Mayor of Argostoli, the Mayor of Sami and the Port Authority of the Port Substation of Sami.

The Mayor of Sami, taking the floor, testified that both from the point of view and from the position of responsibility as Mayor of the affected area, he declares his opposition to the installation of additional wind turbines due to the continuous disasters in the Municipal Unit of Pylaros, for which the wind farms (stadiums , lack of effective land improvement / flood control works).

With a sense of responsibility, Mayor Samis is with the citizens who were destroyed.

The message to the Decentralized Administration, to the wind farm suitors and the landowners is that the local communities have made their decision “NO OTHER WIND GENERATORS”.

We continue our effort to prevent any unloading.

The Mayor of Sami
Μάκης Μονιάς-Νέτης

Sami Press Office

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