Positive feedback from the Gastronomy Festival in Lixouri last night

A Laudable Initiative of kefalonia and Ithaca with great success.
The support of our producers who dare and try to pack and sell their products is our primary duty and our duty.
Their present presence proves the potential they have to produce excellent quality products.
The great tourist market, which we in kefalonia and Ithaca enjoy, gives us the opportunity to promote the products of our primary production directly or indirectly, and thus to support the income of our producers.
It is an obligation to build and protect our products so that they can become attractive and attractive.
This is why we need a lot of work for our primary production with infrastructure and effective information and the right direction of our producers.

The main act Aκης Πετρετζίκης a Masterchef Greece winner also had an interesting day, apparently his e-cigarette caught fire at the airport yesterday then in the afternoon whilst in Argostoli he had an allergic reaction causing him to have to visit the hospital.

However all ended well he arrived in Lixouri slightly late but in good health and able to do his live cooking spot.

Akis at work

sources -FB post of Sotiris Kouris/lixouri.gr/FB post of Linda Davison

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