Beware of the occasional but locally severe weather during Sunday night 17/11 to Monday 18/11 in western Greece and especially in the Ionian Islands and the coastal areas of the rest of the western mainland!

More specifically, and according to the latest forecasts, roughly around midnight on Sunday morning and for about a three-hour period there should be a passage of rain and storms possibly locally strong accompanied by strong southwest winds blowing it is possible to touch all 8-9 beaufort.

It should be emphasized that with the soil now particularly saturated in western Greece due to the heavy and heavy rains of recent days, the coherence of the soil has decreased significantly and so even during a relatively short period of strong winds, trees with very shallow and soft root system (eg poplar) and with the foliage not yet completely fallen, they become very unstable and not resistant to strong winds!

It is therefore advisable to avoid crossing and parking cars under large trees during the intense phenomena (see their estimated time of occurrence and read carefully about the winds in the forecast map title!)

There will be constant updates here and there on Sat / Sunday for this and other changes to the weather and the rest of the country next week!

Because the weather does not have a .. time for you not to waste your … time! 

Source FB post of Sakis Arnaoutoglou