Postal codes are changing throughout Greece – The courier might actually find us instead of calling us to Argostoli!

Change of postal codes throughout the country, referrals to the exams on mobile phones that will enter the system within July, and simplifications in relation to compensations such as for special requests of EOPPY, announced the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, on during his speech at the Economist conference.

The Minister also referred to the digital signatures and the digital identity that are regulated in the Digital Governance Code, but also to the auction of the 5G spectrum. Specifically, he stressed that “innovation will not come with the state, it will come with the market, the state must create the appropriate financial tools. For the 5G law to be tabled in September, we suggest to our European partners that we be the first country to set up a specialized fund, using the money from the 5G auction, which will invest it in the 5G ecosystem, in start ups and small and medium enterprises. The 5G spectrum auction will be completed by the end of the year and from 2021 onwards we will now be able to have coverage from 5 networks in a very large part of the country “.

Regarding the change of postal codes, Mr. Pierrakakis characteristically said that “the state can become a catalyst and not an obstacle in many things. We will change postal codes all over the country – the last time they changed was in 1983, and at the moment they do not give you any information “. Referring to the corresponding service in England, where a specific type is used, he stressed that in this way “a building block can be identified, as a result of which I have information about the speed of the internet, to help courier companies. The job of the state is to make arrangements and bring tomorrow to the present and also to help industrial ideas be born. We have to come and push the birth of ideas “.

Mr. Pierrakis underlined that according to the latest estimates, those over 65 in 2011 constituted 21% of the population, while in 2050 it will be one in three. “It is an issue that you can not ignore, instead you can look upside down, see the coming wave and tame the wave.” Mr. Pierrakakis spoke about the “technological capability that the country will have with 5G”. Referring to the intangible prescription, he characteristically said that “there are many things you can do to create a digital public, a digital state. “The digital patient file is pending, we must build the appropriate information systems in the hospitals that must interact with each other.”

Finally, he concluded that “it is a given that our country is experiencing a rapid digital transition, the coronavirus was not the cause but was its accelerator. It is a given that at the moment, looking ahead, we must solve the outstanding issues we have with the past by interoperating the systems of the Greek State, making a state more friendly to its citizens “.

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