Potential change when stores re-open: Three hours deadline and new sms for shopping – How the market will work

Retail opens in early March. Each consumer will have three hours to shop. A new five-digit number will be created. Only one sms per day will be allowed to be sent by citizens. Scenarios for extending the lockdown remain.

According to the scenario for the opening of the retail trade from next Monday, a new five-digit number will be created where the citizens will send sms. This number will only apply to shopping from stores (retail) but not in supermarkets.

Every citizen who will send sms to the new five-digit number will have three hours to do his shopping.

The plan developed by the Ministry of Development concerns the opening of all retail sectors with free attendance of citizens in stores, ie without click away or click inside.

The citizens, according to Ta Nea, will have the possibility of one sms a day for the specific purchases in commercial stores.

How to avoid overcrowding

The shops will operate according to the standards of supermarkets. With extended opening hours, ie a certain number of customers in the store, depending on its square footage.

The government wants stores to open 1 to March but it is not taken for granted. The epidemiological data of the next few days will determine the date of reopening of the retail trade.

The final decision will be announced, except for a shocking surprise, on Friday, along with the decision on whether or not to extend the lockdown in Attica.

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