Potential Cultural Heritage Projects in Kefalonia.

It is good to see from this local report by Kefalonitika Nea that increased awareness of the the value of the archeology of the island will be of benefit in increasing tourism and providing further attracations for tourists. As can be read in the article following the election period (hopefully if momentum is sustained) several of these projects will move into a basic scoping and costing phase.

The archaeological civilization of Kefalonia lies ahead.

The great archaeological and cultural wealth of Kefalonia appears to be the top priority, as many works of great archaeological and cultural importance are taking the road to the announcements immediately after the local elections.

Thus, with the actions of the Deputy Regional Chief Panayi Drakulogonas, with the decision of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense and with the managing body of the competent Ephorate of Antiquities, they have already joined the regional NSRF and await the announcement of the competitions, projects with significant benefits for the promotion of its history our island and its visibility inside and outside Greece.

Specifically, while the Sami Museum, Agia Marina Sullaron and other works have already been auctioned before, the pre-auction stage, which will take place in June 2019, will be the  vaulted  Mycenaean  tomb  at Poros with 1.000.000 euros , the Roman villa in Ag. Efimia with 150,000 euros, Agios Fannades in Sami with 800,000 euros, the Sissian Monastery and the Krani archaeological site, as well as the Roman Baths – (D) jar.

For these projects, immediately after the elections of the local government will be published the corresponding notices of competitions.Reproduced from www.kefalonitikanea.gr

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