Potential Short Term Solution for Parking in Argostoli Being Discussed Next week

Announcement Municipality opens the harbour for the decision to immediately build parking in the harbour!

A massive parking of 3,000 sq. Meters. adds to the existing parking spaces in Argostoli, providing a solution to the big problem faced by the city.

The Municipal Port Authority decide on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, in committee, that it will allocate approximately 3,000 square meters of space to the land area of ​​the port of Argostoli for the peak periods until the projects are completed, but also give time to the Municipality to create the New Parking above the square on the plot of the old Fire Brigade that the procedures for it have begun.

The entrance of the new Parking will be from the main gate of the harbor, opposite the Old Police Building and 150 meters from the main square of the city, thus giving a great solution for access to the historical center of Argostoli.

The configuration of the site will begin immediately with the removal of the dams from the port area and in consultation with our Port Authority for the delimitation of the port security zone as defined by the relevant maps.

The Deputy Mayor of the city, Dionisis Lykoudis , said yesterday at eKefalonia,  ” We are here to give solutions to the city  , while the President of the Port Authority, Alexander Moschonas , told us,  ” The Port Authority must contribute to the great effort it does the Municipality for a modern and functional European city“.

It is worth mentioning that after this decision-station for the city of Argostoli, the spaces of the organized parking area, only in the port area will exceed 10,000 sq.m.

(3,000 m2 new parking + 2,800 m2 of the old heliport + 2,800 m2 the existing Parking off port + the front of the coastal road around them.)

Reproduced from ekefalonia.gr

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