Potentially wet tomorrow this has just been issued by a renowned Greek weather forecaster, the caption roughly reads

Warning Tuesday!

Areas with intense weather phenomena

The more Purple the colours the biggest probability of heavy rain, thunder and lightning accompanied by strong wind and hail.

Click on the map and read the explanation in the title! According to the latest predictor data, it seems to be affected by the west and mainland Greece with rains and storms that may give “a lot of water” by increasing the risk of local flooding!

There will of course be continuous update through my facebook page for all the next 24 hours:
Source – https://www.facebook.com/SakisArnaoutoglouForecasts/?ref=bookmarks

It should be noted there has been no further comments from the authorities (hnms.eu/) today regarding weather warnings from yesterday which indicates we will get a single digit mm of rain (not much).

If something further changes we will update.

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