Power Outages 18 October 2019

best translation we have is as follows;

We inform you that due to the execution of necessary maintenance work will be done power supply cut on Friday 18/10/2019 from 15: 00 to17: 00 in the following regions : Lagada Argostoli, Farsa-Kourouklata-wider area
Thinias-Zola-Ancona and in the wider area of Pilaros outside the settlement of Agia Efimia.

The re-feeding of our installations will be done without notice and possibly before the time indicated and therefore installations and networks must they are considered to be continuously under tension.

We are at your disposal for any additional information on the phones : 26710 25851 and 26710 29286 (ext. 125).

Alexandra G. Gasparinatus
Head Of Kefalonia Region

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