Powerful 5.1 Richter earthquake between Rhodes and Karpathos – Eight aftershocks in two hours, 4 Richter largest

Strong earthquake magnitude 5.1 on the Richter scale occurred in the morning in the sea area between Rhodes and Karpathos.

The earthquake occurred at 3:28 am Thursday morning, with the focus being 134 kilometers south of Rhodes and 67 kilometers southeast of the island of Karpathos. The focal depth of the earthquake was measured at 29.7 kilometers, according to the Geodetic Institute of Athens, with the seismic vibration being particularly strong and causing disruption due to its advanced time.

It was marked in the same area by the magnitude 4.6 Richter earthquake of yesterday. No damage or problems have been reported in the Dodecanese Islands at this time.

Series of aftershocks greater than 4 Richter
The strong earthquake was followed by an equally strong earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale. The aftershock occurred at 4:10 am in the early morning, concentrating 78 kilometers east-southeast of Karpathos. The focal depth was 72 km. In addition to the 4 Richters, another 7 magnitudes of 3.9 Richter, 3.4 Richter, three at 3.5 Richter, one at 3.8 Richter and one at 3.3 Richter, took place over two hours.

Euthymius Lekkas is a cynic
Speaking at the Open, Seismology Professor Efthymi Lekkas on the seismic vibrations in Karpathos was reassuring. Lekkas said the earthquake has nothing to do with seismic activity in Turkey, saying:

“The distance is very large from the island of Karpathos and the direction of the cracks shows that it is moving to the other side. There is no reason to worry. Seismic activity in the region has absolutely nothing to do with the rift in Turkey, “he said.

Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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