PPC accounts will not be reduced significantly by less VAT 

PPC account / Photo eurokinissi Dimitropoulos Sotiris

The mess of VAT on products and focus is one what one might note.

The other is … colpo grosso with VAT on electricity, which may drop to 6%, but in fact it is equivalent to reducing the consistency discount from 15% to 10%, valid from last month. 

Let’s take for example a bill of € 181.74, of which € 133.25 is PPC charges , which is calculated at 13% VAT, ie € 17.32.

By reducing VAT to 6%, the relevant charge falls to 7.99 euros, so the consumer has a benefit of 9.33 euros.

It’s like that?

Not exactly.With a consensus discount of 15%, the benefit for this consumer would be 20.07 euro, but now with the discount of 10% his benefit is limited to 13.37 euros, thus “loses” 6.7 euros. Thus, as a whole, from the two interventions in the PPC account, this consumer earns just 2.63 euros. 
source: iefimerida.gr 

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