PPC: Consumer mitigation measures – Free of charge and discounts

Abolish the flat rate for all consumers, a discount of 5 euros for those who receive an electronic account and 8% for vulnerable customers, PPC implements. How long will it last.

Specifically, as announced today the extraordinary financial relief measures for the company’s customers are:

• Free of charge for all low voltage customers.

• 8% discount on Vulnerable Class B & C customers (seniors over 70 years of age, people with mechanical support who are not part of CTO). Vulnerable customers who are beneficiaries of the Social Housing Invoice continue to be billed with special preferential tariffs and large discounts.

• 5 euro discount for all e-bill customers, old and new. PPC advises all consumers to subscribe to their e-bill service from their mobile phone, tablet or computer and take advantage of both simplified procedures and discounts on their bills. It is noted that the online payment of the bill through the business website was and remains without commission.

• 8% discount for low voltage households and businesses consuming over 2,000 KWh, so as not to be burdened by high consumption while staying at home with their families, but also for businesses that are currently being tested.

Reports indicate that other energy providers are preparing similar measures to facilitate their customers.

“PPC stands by the Greek society during the difficult times we are going through. Its main priority is to ensure the country’s energy efficiency and at the same time to support its consumers. Especially at this critical time, which requires our long stay at home. To the extent possible, it is proceeding with a series of economic relief measures for citizens. While at the same time, it helps all its customers to make transactions and to serve their home by calling the PPC call center 11770 or through the website www.dei.gr, ”the company said.

At the same time, PPC has already made a number of interventions to improve its customer service by calling 11770 and its website www.dei.gr. Specifically:

• The 11770 Call Center operates with extended hours daily from 7:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening.

• Customers can be serviced by 11770 for all their transactions (new contracts, changes of details, arrangements, etc.).

• On the PPC website www.dei.gr/epayment all customers can pay simply and quickly without any extra commission with all debit and credit cards.

• Call Center 11770 serves customers who are not familiar with online payments by giving them step-by-step instructions for payment through the PPC website.

Deputy General Manager of PPC, responsible for the modernization of Commerce, George Karakousis said that “PPC stands next to the community as a whole. Our employees are fighting for our country’s energy efficiency and for the better service of all. Our customers must stay home at these critical times to stay safe. “

source -newsit.gr

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