PPC (Electric Bill!) : Discount up to 21% on bills – Who can benefit

A special program has been developed by PPC, which can offer consumers a 21% discount on electricity bills.

The program is labeled “Prepaid Account Program”. Interested parties can be informed about the prepayment amount by calling 11770 and then submitting their request electronically to the contact form.

The Prepaid Account Program provides a 6% discount on the Billing Charge of the accounts to customers who choose to join it by prepaying the one-year bills.

Together with other existing programs, such as the 15% Contribution Program, customers can have a total benefit of up to 21% in their Charge Billing.

1. Categories of customers eligible to join the Program

The program can include professionals, businesses and households with an invoice:

• Domestic C1 and C1N, Professional C21, C22 and C23, Agricultural and Low-voltage FGM 
• ΒΓ, ΒΧ and ΒΥ, ΒΜ1, ΒΜ2 and Rural Medium Voltage

Excluded from the Program are customers who:

b) are included in the Roof Roofs and Net Metering.

Also, settled customers in order to join the “Prepaid Account” program will first have to settle the entire settlement.

2. Procedure for joining the Program

1. Submit an application and sign the terms of the Program. The process is done electronically by completing the relevant contact form at any PPC Customer Service or Customer Service

2. Payment of an agreed amount within 10 days of the date of signature of the application and of the conditions

3. Automatically integrate into the Prepaid Account Program


The Schedule concerns the prepayment of all charges (Commission Charges, Regulated Charges, Third Party Charges) included in Current Accounts and Clearing Accounts of the last rolling year.

For calculating the amount of prepayment, historical data are taken into account by the PPC IT system for the individual customer. That is to say, the amounts of the accounts issued against the accounts of the last rolling year and the total amount is reversed over a period of 12 months.

4. Apply 6%

The 6% discount is calculated on the Charge of Procurement of the respective Clearing Account.

Only the Clearing Accounts will be issued for the program’s validity period, to which the 6% discount will be applied separately and useful analytical updates will be included regarding the amounts repaid through the prepayment amount, the forthcoming expiration of the program, etc.

The 6% discount will be valid until the pre-paid amount is exhausted. If the prepaid amount is not exhausted within one calendar year (12 months), the program will continue to run until it is exhausted for another six months. After the extra 6 months if there is still a balance, it will be credited to the client’s account.

It is clarified that in addition to the 6% discount, any other applicable deduction applies, for example the 15% consistency deduction.

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