PPC Renewables: what is the reality

On the occasion of what has been shared and written recently about the projects at the wind farm at “Xerkias” in Kefalonia, PPC Renewables puts the issue on its true footing, to avoid creating false impressions.

 The actual data are as follows: 

  1. The project is not directly related to the Municipality of Sami. The only correlation is the transit.
  2. The project is designed and licensed in accordance with the legislation and rules of science.
  3. A hydrological study has been prepared with the assistance of scientists from the National Technical University of Athens. The conclusions of the study clearly state that the projects of our wind farm not only do not contribute to the increase of floods in the wider area but also that the specific park in the way it was designed and implemented has absolutely no effect on its hydrological balance.
  4. PPC Renewables, within the framework of the project, has agreed and will implement flood protection work in Kefalonia in accordance with the instructions and in a position indicated by the competent local authorities (forest office).
  5. 3% of the park’s revenue goes to local communities as a compensatory benefit.
  6. The infrastructure works of the park have been completed in terms of the intervention surfaces before the passage of Janos. This fact confirms in the clearest way that the area is not burdened at all by the construction of the wind farm.
  7. PPC Renewable voluntarily the next day of the operation of Ianos went to the affected areas and in consultation with the civil protection of the region was willing to help to help the residents.
  8. It should be noted that for the needs of the wind farm only 500 meters of new access road have been constructed.


  1. This wind farm is not located in the affected areas.
  2. PPC Renewables is not a company of private interests but belongs to the PPC group. Her projects are implemented to the strictest specifications.
  3. The project has been studied in such a way that there is a zero earth balance.

PPC Renewables as a public company is from the beginning next to the residents.  Apart from the days lost by unilateral actions, unfortunately the opportunity to help local communities and people in need is also lost. PPC suffers difficult to repair and significant damages for which those responsible will have to take responsibility accordingly.

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