PPC: ‘smart’ power meters coming – what are the key changes

PPC, with its smart meters, promises cost savings, easy troubleshooting, a history of consumables, and a power outage

Even long-distance power cuts can now be made with the new, smart meters brought by HEDNO . The new meters, according to Argyris Kalogeropoulos’ exclusive report on Open TV , will even detect theft.

In particular, HEDNO will be able to throw switches from afar to non payers in a few months, thanks to the “smart” meters that will start to be installed this year.  “Smart meters will be installed that will always find the output or how much we consume. Or, if any, an immediate alert will be given. I’m happy to see it, “says a consumer.

The new meters will also be able to measure distance consumption for coherent consumers, and will tell you what discount times are available to choose when to use each device. “They are safe, no one can violate them because sometimes they do. Good measure is, ”points out another consumer. 

PPC, with its smart meters, promises cost savings, easy troubleshooting and a history of consumption. “Smart” meters are also expected to be used as a weapon to reduce theft. According to the PPC estimates, the losses reaches 80-90 million euros. This situation will be limited.


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