PPC: The company announced a new household invoice – Who is entitled to a discount of 100 euros on the first bill

New household tariff with fixed charge, without consumption scales and adjustment clauses, announced PPC .

The new product called myHomeEnter is available with a discount of 100 euros on the first bill, for the contracts that will be signed until November 30. We remind you that a discount package for home customers, businesses and vulnerable consumers, as well as new services for customer service was announced on Monday by the president and CEO of PPC, George Stassis.

The new household tariff of PPC
In detail, as PPC points out, the characteristics of the new program, which has a duration of 24 months, are as follows:

  • Lower energy charge compared to current tariffs and low fixed rate.
  • The energy charge is 0.105 euros per kilowatt hour regardless of the amount of consumption and 0.07897 euros per kilowatt hour for the night. The fee is 1.5 euros per month.
  • Consistency discount and additional 2% discount for payment by standing order.
  • 100 euro discount on the first bill , for new and existing customers who will choose a monthly electronic account and for applications that will be submitted until November 30. Specifically, with the selection of the new myHomeOnline the customer receives a 10 euro discount and an additional 90 euro discount by choosing an electronic and monthly account through the application of the e-bill.
  • The discount of 100 euros applies to the 1st account. If the discount is not exhausted in the 1st account, it will be credited to subsequent ones.

“Modernization is the main aim of PPC”
PPC Deputy CEO, George Karakousis, said: “The main aim of PPC’s new business plan is the modernization of marketing, in order to offer better services and targeted products that will meet all the needs of our customers. We put the customer at the center of our activities, improving its daily experience and reducing service times. After the first digital product my Home Online, the my Home series is enriched with another product, myHomeEnter, while by the end of the year new products and services of added value will follow.

Speaking at the company’s online event on Monday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke of a success story and example of a public enterprise that can nevertheless become competitive.

Activation of myHomeEnter is done at PPC stores or by phone free of charge from a landline or mobile at 8009001000. Existing PPC customers can also activate it from the e-bill application.

more information https://www.dei.gr/el/oikiakoi-pelates/myhomeenter  (English language option)

Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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