Preliminary information on Argostoli municipality carnival 2020 dates

Carnivals of Argostoli 2020

The Argostoli Carnival has been in feverish preparations for several days. This year, we start early, with a rich carnival program, which includes numerous events, from Saturday February 8, central the following:
– Sunday, February 16 Carnival Village and band parade and floats in Metaxata
–  February 20 tsiknopemte  morning in Kampanas Square
– Sunday 23 February, Carnival Parade of Carnival parade and floats in Poros
– Friday 28 February, Night Carnival Parade in Argostoli
– 1 Sunday 1 March, the Grand Carnival Parade of Carnival Groups and Tents in Argostoli

At the same time, the well-established hidden treasure,the koulaouma, and several events and dances are planned, so that we can all enjoy a unique Halloween.

We will update our events section as this information formalises with more exact timings in next few days


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