President of Assos thanks the English community and others for the support after the medicane

The welfare department of the municipality of Sami informed me that Friday, October 16 will be the last day that a free meal will be available to the victims and the crews located in the settlement of Assos and I warmly thank Mrs. Erigoni Valsamou for the excellent cooperation! At the same time to thank



The ARGOSTOLI Scout System

The Tower section of EL STRATOU

Mr. Theodoratos Greco strom

The Polish community of Cephalonia

The English community of Cephalonia as a whole (all those I missed in the previous thank you)

As well as Mr. Vassilis Stefanatos (KANAKIS) George Matsouki Adrea SINANAi Nikolaos SKEDARESI, Anthoula Papaspyratou, Thiondor Gogas, Sonia Rokou, Marino Apostolato, Kai the SPIRO & Charlie MENEGATOS for them !!!

Finally, I would like to thank again Mr. Makis Gasparinatos, Mr. Spyros Koutalas for the rapid development of the water supply project that ends very soon, and again Mr. Stavros Travlos who stands by us every day

We sincerely thank !!!

Christos Kokkolis, president of ASSOS

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