Press Release from Ainos National Forest Management Authority on World Environment Day


The Ainos National Forest Management Authority and the Ecological Recycling Company (OEA) on the occasion of the World Environment Day on 5 June and the World Initiatives on the Reduction of Plastics in the Marine Environment invite you to the Cleaning Action to be held at the beach of Myrtos in Kefalonia , on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 11 am, with the participation and support of the Municipality of Kefalonia, environmental education centers, scouts, the Pirates Divers Club, paragliding instructors many other local actors.

The beach of Myrto, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, was chosen because of its emblematic nature, its natural beauty and the great impact it can achieve in raising awareness among citizens. The above features underline the necessity of continuous care and cleaning.

It is important to send the message of active participation in the protection of our natural wealth. During the cleaning, qualitative and quantitative inventory of recovered materials will be made by volunteers and besides the usual collected at the beaches, special attention will be paid to the collection of specific and / or dangerous, for marine ecosystems such as cigarette butts, microplastics and bulky objects.

In addition, the materials will be separated into two streams and the recyclable materials collected will be taken to the Patras Recycling Materials Collection Center.

The cleaning is carried out within the framework of the Zero Waste Future program sponsored by Coca Cola Hellas, SANKE SADC, SYS SA, Ecoelastika, EYAA and Combatt.

You are all invited even with your own vehicles !!

On Sunday, June 9, a bus will depart from the “Antonis Tritsis” indoor gym to transfer the volunteers to the beach. Departure time 09:00 am

We are at your disposal for any further information.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Georgios Drakatos

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Agency for the Management of the Ainos National Park

Research Director Of the National Observatory of Athens

more information about their work here

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