To limit the spread of covid- 19 and protect the health of all of us, thefollowing guidelines should be followed in waste management:

If all persons at home are healthy they should follow these instructions:

  • All protective equipment currently used (eg gloves, disinfectants, masks, disinfectants) is NOT recycled. Instead, they should be placed in mixed waste bags. For the rest of the waste, continue sorting and recycling as before.
  • Garbage bags should NOT be left open or half open, but use special cords that close with a cord and close properly. Fill the mixed bags up to 2/3 so that they are tight.
  • Always dispose of garbage bags in the bin and close the lid so that there is no contact or contamination of either humans or stray or passing pets. Never leave bags outside and around the buckets. If the bin is already full, use a nearby bin with available space or keep the bag at home for another day.
  • Limit any activity that produces large quantities of waste such as repairs and pruning, and do not take on the road bulky items such as furniture or appliances that easily become germs.
  • Open and close the buckets using special pedals where these are available or with gloves where there are no pedals.

If a person is at home in quarantine or has symptoms of a virus, follow these instructions:

  • Do not segregate recyclable waste (plastics, paper, metals) to protect both collection, road cleaning and material sorting centers that often separate recyclables by hand.
  • Fill the mixed bags up to a maximum of 2/3, tighten them and place them in a second bag that you must also close tightly. Make sure both bags are firm, without tears, and in case of doubt use a third bag.
  • Use gloves to close and fasten the bags and to carry them to the trash. These gloves, once you get home, throw them into the next trash bag you will use.

Cleanliness is a duty and responsibility is an asset,

Together we will overcome the crisis.           

The Mayor


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