Press release regarding recent concert in Sami fighting oil mining in the Ionian Sea

Press release – Concert in Sami on 29th July

One of the most massive events of the open assembly of kefalonia and Ithaca against the mining of hydrocarbons was held on Monday 29 July in Sammy, kefalonia. A great concert, in which matoúla zamánē, Tonya Augoustátou, the therefore and Singapore lines, along with hundreds of people, singing out loud against the mining.

Many people have made this concert in many different ways, which we thank very much.

We would like to thank matoúla zamánē and kostas christópoulo from her production company, as well as all the kephalonítes musicians, Tonya Augoustátou, therefore and Singapore, who responded with enthusiasm to our call.

Thank you also: Kedēke, pedin, WWF, embellishment – they – they,. John “, Super market of, super market klaoudátos, traditional grocery store Eros – Deli, grocery store, travel travel agency, rental of boats zacharatos cruises, rental of boats, donkey, donkey,,,, hotel,,,,,,,,,, Olive Bay Hotel, rent a car karavomilos, coffee coffee, cafe – restaurant – sea rock ws restaurant, coffee – carena restaurant, coffee – finikas restaurant, restaurant “the racháti”, restaurant, chersṓnas, restaurant, oreálios,, restaurant,, restaurant, restaurant,, restaurant, restaurant, deli, restaurant, Kefalonia, zythopoiḯa beer,, organic food store farmout, Organic Farm “the king”, kefalonia store, dalcasart store, Mammoth Bookstore, bálsamos store,, podēmatás shop, Mr Lambro John, Mr. Basiláto Charílao, as well as everyone who supported us and had the desire not to mention their name.

This concert was only part of the great effort that the open assembly has begun for 7 months, to inform the inhabitants of our islands about the forthcoming mining that are going to have disastrous consequences for our place, the quality of life Us and our future.

The interest, agony and very warm response of the world is the driving force to continue our struggle. Now we know that we are many and even stronger.

In this fight, we want you next to us in every action, in every assembly, in every mobilization.

For a ionian, clean and free.

Some videos from the night

Η Ματούλα Ζαμάνη Live στη μεγάλη συναυλία κατά των εξορύξεων, στη Σάμη της ΚεφαλονιάςMatoula Zamani

Gepostet von Κεφαλονίτικα Νέα am Montag, 29. Juli 2019


Ο Λαμπρογιάννης Πεφάνης και οι Singapore strings παίζουν μαζί στη συναυλία κατά των εξορύξεων

Gepostet von Κεφαλονίτικα Νέα am Montag, 29. Juli 2019

Singapore Strings

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