Press Release -Regional meeting with Mayors of the Ionian Islands


Workshop between the Regional Authority and the 11 Municipalities of the Ionian Islands Region took place today, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, through the video conference service “e:”, focusing on measures to address the effects of the Coronavirus risk COVID-19 and the assessment of the current situation.

Ionian Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa presides over video conference 

Tsagaropoulou , with the participation of the villagers Antiperifereiarchis Corfu Melita Andrioti , Lefkada Andreas Ktenas , Kefalonia and Ithaca Stavros Traulos and Zakynthos George Stassinopoulos , thematic Antiperifereiarchis Social Cohesion, Public Health and Employment Costas Zorbas, Technical Works and Infrastructure Manolis Orphanoudakis, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Alexander Alexakis and the Mayors Central Corfu Diapontia Islands Hydra Merope , South Corfu Lessis Constantine , Paxos Vlachopoulos Spyridon ( by phone), LefkadaGood Harry , Argostoli Mihalatos Theophilus , Lixouri Katsivelis George , Sami permanently – Comfortable Gerasimos , Meganisiou Dagla Paul and Ithaca Stanitsas Dionysius , Zakynthos Aretakis Nikitas (by telephone), President of the Regional Union of Municipalities Ionian Islands (lowlands) Alexandros Parisis and the Executive Secretary Dimitris Milos Region of the Ionian Islands . North Corfu Mayor George Machimaris failed to attend due to a technical problem.

The information and exchange of views was on the capabilities and responsibilities of the Ionian Islands Region and municipal authorities in the fight against coronavirus, emergency government assistance and coordination to maximize the effectiveness of the actions and their funding.

The need for an increase in the resources available to the small municipalities mainly by the Government was also emphasized and the immediate use of the financial resources of the Regional Union of Ionian Islands Municipalities (PEDIN).

Cooperation has also been decided on the preparation of proposals for stricter control of the entrants to the islands and the procedures for protecting the local population. It was also decided that the District would undertake to keep the public informed of developments in the situation of the Regional Units in the field of the fight against coronavirus with a daily press release.

The need to support health structures across the islands was also stressed, and the Mayors pledged to bring to the Municipal Councils a debate on the need to re-establish the Ionian Islands Health District, in line with a recent decision by the Regional Council.

The Regional Governor informed on the initiatives taken by the Regional Authority before the coronavirus crisis regarding the equipment of the Hospitals and the upgrading of the Health Centers through a program contract with the 6th RIS. He also briefed the Government on the guidelines for the utilization of NSRF resources in the field of Public Health.

The effectiveness of the implementation of the measures taken has been examined, while plans for preparing scenarios for increased needs at all levels in the event of a proliferation of cases have been discussed.


The conference also raised issues related to preparations for the next day after the coronavirus crisis came out and it was decided to prepare development plans and to continue exchanging views.

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