Subject: love charity of the association of VW fan club Kefalonia, towards the home of disabled children in Patras “Ark of love”

Moments of emotion lived the members and friends of the club vw kefalonia, during their visit to the “Ark of love” for children with disabilities, in Patras, on Sunday, January 19, 2020.

The Board of directors of of Volkswagen Kefalonia Λ.Α.Κ., in collaboration with our members and friends from Athens, nafpaktos, Patras and Larissa, expresses warm thanks to our members and anonymous fellow people, for the immediate response to our invitation to strengthen asylum Disabled children “Ark of love”, with items necessary to meet the basic needs of children.

On 29/12/18, a Christmas walk was organized in kefalonia, Athens & Patras with a sense of solidarity. The Island’s media helped to promote the effort. Everyone’s sensitivity to calling for love was moving and dynamic. Our club would like to thank those who helped make everyone’s wishes come true.

Sunday 19/01/20, friends and drivers gave sense of solidarity to their walk in Patras, as they dedicated it to the asylum of disabled children “Ark of love”. they were delivered to the foundation responsible food, clothing, cleaning items, school supplies, according to a list that Indicate the immediate needs of the 70 children.

The Director of the ark Katerina Nikolaou, volunteers and employees welcomed us and presented us the work, difficulties and needs that exist. We made the promise that we will go back to offer as much as we can. We know that, like other institutions that support the affected person, “Ark of love” needs more support.

We met, discussed and played with some of these adorable kids, who embraced us with their love.

We hope that everyone can contribute and help where there is a need to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups that life has not shown its smiling face. Because as people in the ark of love say, love is an act. And as long as there is love whatever the difficulties these children face, there is life. There is hope.

Our Union in such initiatives, will always be open to offer where there is need.

Happy 2020

From the board of directors of λ.α.κ.

Asylum Information: 2610 222 280


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