Preventive police checks in the Ionian Islands


Corfu, July 20 , 2019


Preventive police checks in the Ionian Islands

27 people were arrested and 218 infringements of the Road Traffic Code

Police checks took place from Friday night (19-07-2019) to Saturday morning (20-07-2019) in various areas of the Ionian Islands, to prevent crime.

Specifically, 539 people and (445) vehicles were arrested during the police excursions by the Police Directorates of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada and were arrested (27) persons.

Indicatively, the arrests concerned:

  • (1) for possession of narcotic drugs
  • (1) for theft
  • (3) for noise pollution
  • (4) for customer engagement
  • (8) for lack of driving license
  • (3) for the withdrawal of health certificates
  • (2) for breach of the legislation concerning foreigners

In addition, (218) infringements of the Road Traffic Code were established, of which:

  • (7) for drunkenness
  • (10) for speed
  • (4) for seat belt
  • (44) for a helmet
  • (3) for uninsured vehicles
  • (3) for KTEO
  • (14) for diploma deprivation

(10) health offenses (3) for noise pollution, (3) health book destitution and (4) involuntary clients have been confirmed.

A knife and a small amount of raw cannabis were seized.

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