Preventive Road checks in the Ionian Islands for one day identify 209 violations and lead to 21 arrests!


Corfu, September 30, 2019


Preventive orthodontic checks in the Ionian Islands

(21) People arrested and (209) Road Traffic Code violations confirmed

Police searches were conducted from Friday night (27-09-2019) to Saturday morning (28-09-2019), in various areas of the Ionian Islands, to prevent road accidents.

Specifically, during the police raids by the Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada Police Directorates, (429) vehicles were searched and (21) arrested , of which (20) for driving without a license and (1) for intoxication.

In addition, (209) violations of the Road Traffic Code were identified, of which:

  • (7) for intoxication,
  • (17) for speed,
  • (12) for seat belt,
  • (28) for protective helmet,
  • (2) for mobile phone use,
  • (3) for a traffic light infringement,
  • (20) for deprivation of a driving license,
  • (1) for deprivation of a marketing authorization,
  • (3) security,
  • (3) for KTEO

Checks will continue, with a view to the safe use of the road network, the observance of Road Traffic Rules and the avoidance of road accidents.

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