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The coronavirus vaccination platform for the 60-64 age group opens tomorrow .

This age group will also be the first to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine , which has been approved by the European Medicines Agency for people over the age of 18, however, some European countries restrict its use to people under the age of 65 due to lack of adequate data for older people in clinical trials.

With the arrival of the first 40,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Sunday, the vaccination program begins and runs “faster” in the country, a program that began in the last week of December.

Special system for vaccinations only with the Astrazeneca vaccine
As the Secretary General of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistocleous, said yesterday , the first 40,000 doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine will be given initially to the specific age group that will be able to apply for vaccination in the near future.

The first vaccinations for 60-64 year olds are expected to start on February 15 , while, according to the announcements, a new system will be created that will exclusively concern vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine in specific vaccination centers, a process that will run in parallel with the vaccination system already underway.

What is the recommendation of the AstraZeneca vaccine committee?
The available data on the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine makes us believe that for these groups (over 65) it will be effective, said the president of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou . As he said, the recommendation of the national committee is that the vaccination with AstraZeneca vaccines should be given to people aged 18 up to 64 years.

The interval between the first and second dose is 12 weeks . Studies have shown that the longer the interval between the first and second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the higher the level of antibodies achieved with the vaccine.

At the same time, from Friday, February 12, the platform for appointments for the vaccination of citizens aged 75-79 will start operating. And for this age group, the goal is to start vaccination on February 15, along with the ages 60-64. In total, it is estimated that about 1 million citizens in these two age categories will have been vaccinated by the end of March. The next category of citizens who are expected to line up to make an appointment for the vaccine, will be the category of citizens from 18 to 64 years old, who will have underlying diseases.

Vaccination centers are increasing in Athens and Thessaloniki
The inoculants centers in Athens and Thessaloniki will increase as open sections at two major centers inoculants in the Helexpo buildings in Athens and Thessaloniki International Fair in Thessaloniki. As Mr. Themistocleous said yesterday, the goal is to immediately activate 750 vaccination centers in February and by the end of March to have vaccinated about 1 million citizens.

How do we make an appointment for the vaccination?

Citizens who want to be vaccinated can make an appointment in the following ways:

  • Through text messages (SMS), if the citizens have registered in the intangible prescription and are entitled to vaccination, as will be analyzed below.
  • Directly from the citizens by entering the platform, as will be analyzed below.
  • Upon arrival of the person or third parties on their behalf at the nearest KEP. It is noted that in case of third parties, a responsible statement is required, which will be integrated in the second year in the platform Also, the third party that will come should know the AMKA of the person directly concerned, as well as the ID number, or bring a photocopy of them.
  • Upon arrival of the person or third parties on their behalf at the nearest pharmacy. Detailed instructions and directions for scheduling appointments at pharmacies will be provided immediately.

The citizen will be able to check if he belongs to some of the priority groups in the following ways:

  • By entering the AMKA and its name in the website and the web / mobile application.
  • By sending a text message ( SMS ) to the 5-digit code for exclusive use (13034).

The step-by-step process to make an appointment for a vaccination
Via the platform
Since the citizens have checked the possibility and priority of vaccination in the current period, they follow the link ( to which the platform refers them, to schedule the appointment. They connect to the platform using the TAXISNET codes. Once successfully connected, citizens confirm that their credentials are correct. Citizens can make additions / corrections.

How to schedule an appointment : I choose the vaccination center and the date that serves me for the first dose of the vaccine. Then a table appears with the approximate dates in the selected and the time zones along with the availability available – green for many available appointments, yellow for several, orange for a few and gray for unavailable appointments.

After choosing which time zone serves me, I repeat the process for the second appointment : First vaccination center, then date and end time zone. Of course, on the second date the system does not allow me to select dates beyond the appropriate distance between the two installments.

When I select the details of both appointments, all the details of both appointments are displayed on the screen for final checking and confirmation. I confirm them definitively and the successful completion page appears, with the details of the appointments, the vaccination code and a QR code. I print this page or write down the vaccination code. With this code and his ID, I go to the appointment and get vaccinated.

Intangible prescription via SMS
Intangible prescription messages have already begun to reach recipients, who are over 50,000 citizens over the age of 85. If someone is registered in the intangible prescription, they will receive within the next few hours two SMS containing the following information: vaccination code, day, time and place for the appointment. These are the pre-booking data based on the data stated in the intangible prescription. These messages contain a code, which he sends within 72 hours to 13034, if the appointment is desired for him. What if I do not confirm the pre-booking within 72 hours or if the information provided does not serve him? It follows the procedure that it would do if it were not registered in the intangible prescription, ie either in person or electronically.

Citizens are informed via text message (SMS) from 13034 about the reservation of an appointment, they have the opportunity to confirm the appointment via SMS, within 72 hours, otherwise the position is vacated and finally receive an immediate response from EMVOLIO regarding the successful confirmation. In case the citizens wish to modify the reserved appointment, they should enter the platform.

How do we change appointments : as we booked it – pharmacy or KEP and As the Minister of Digital Government pointed out, an appointment can be changed , but once and three days before the appointed appointment.

Pharmacies and KEP
Going to a pharmacy one can make an appointment for the vaccine. The same applies to KEP. Citizens must have their AMKA and police ID with them. Then, with the code they receive, they go with this code and their identity to the vaccination center.

Request for examination of data in case AMKA is not found or you do  ot have an AMKA
In case the citizens belong to the current vaccination period and do not have an AMKA or their AMKA number cannot be recognized by the system, then they go to the page “Request for examination of data” ( After completing all the necessary fields and selecting the submission, a request for examination is sent by a competent committee. After examination of the request, and based on the decision of the competent committee, the specific citizens will be given the opportunity to connect to the platform and schedule their appointment.

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