Prohibition of Traffic: Special Certificate for Feeding Stray Animals – Clarifications Chardalia

Dog at Syntagma Square / Photo: Nikos Libertas / SOOC

Clarifications on the prohibition measures and the feeding of stray animals were made by Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Chardalias.

Mr Chardalias urged citizens who care for animals in municipalities other than their residence to network with animal organizations in the respective municipalities to take care of strays until the lifting of the prohibition measures . “In the case of someone taking care of animals outside of their municipality they can contact animal welfare or municipal people to take care of their feeding. It is important to restrict travel, “said Nikos Chardalias.

If strays are in their area of ​​residence, Mr Chardalias explained that there is agreement with KEDE and in the coming hours, there will be a movement certificate issued for those who have taken care of stray animals.

Issue requires point, day and hour reporting, which should not exceed three hours.

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