Project Freedom: The entire Vaccination Plan and the procedure to be followed

From how many vaccines Greece will receive from each pharmaceutical company, to how the vaccinations will be done and in how many centres it is described in the National Business Vaccination Plan. 

How to make an appointment

Citizens will be able to easily check which priority group they belong to either online at or by SMS to 13034. Within January, in the same way or alternatively by visiting KEP and pharmacies, citizens will be able to to schedule a vaccination appointment. They will receive a unique QR code depending on how the appointment was made, while a repeat vaccination will be scheduled at the same time.

They will also receive reminder emails and SMS three days before the scheduled appointment and preparation instructions. For the vaccination, upon arrival at the centres, citizens must have a QR code and an identity card or passport to identify themselves. They will also fill out a special questionnaire to evaluate their clinical picture by doctors before they are vaccinated.

Which and how many vaccines will be received

The 25 million doses of vaccines that Greece is going to receive are analysed as follows, depending on the company and the central supply from the EU:

Pfizer / BioNTech 4.7 million doses

AstraZeneca / Oxford 7.1 million doses

Johnson & Johnson 4.7 million doses

Sanofi / GSK 4.7 million doses

Moderna 1.8 million doses

Curevac 5.3 million doses

It is noted that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine concerns one and not two doses, like the vaccines of other companies.

The order in which the population will get the vaccine 

In the first phase, the vaccine will be given to health and social services staff, nursing home residents, resident patients and staff of chronic care facilities and rehabilitation centers, and priority staff for critical government functions. 

In the second phase , the vaccine will be given to people over 70 years of age regardless of disease. (In order: People aged 85 and over, 80 and over, 75 and over, 70 and over).

Also, patients with diseases that pose a very high risk of coronavirus disease regardless of age, priority staff for critical state functions, people 60 to 69 years old regardless of medical history and patients 18 to 59 years old with diseases that pose a high risk of disease with coronavirus.

In the third phase, the vaccine will be given to people 18 years of age and older without underlying diseases.

The three phases of the plan

The project is expected to be spread in three phases. 

  • The first will start on 27/12 and concerns the supply of a limited number of vaccines from the companies Pfizer and BioNTech. 
  • The second phase, which provides for the supply of vaccines from different companies, is expected to begin in February 2021 and concerns the mass vaccination of the population. 
  • The third phase involves a number of easy-to-maintain vaccines and will begin in June.

In total, 480 vaccination centres are expected to be activated throughout the country, ie 1,018 different vaccination lines (hospitals, health centres, mobile units, etc.) and two more in case of emergencies.


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