Promachonas: At least 25 cases of coronavirus detected today (so far!) in tourists from Bulgaria, Romania

There are clear indications that there will be more positive cases

The phenomenon of “imported coronavirus cases” in the country from the entrance gates is taking on alarming proportions , with the results of the tests carried out on tourists who entered on Friday, July 10 from the border station of Promachonas , positively on at least 25 tourists.

At the same time, the teleconference under the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in progress at the Maximos Palace for the course of implementation of the Operational Plan of controls at the entrance gates of the country .

Officials from the Security Forces and the Armed Forces are also involved in the plan, in order to strengthen the potential of the mixed ranks, under the operational coordination of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection


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