Proposals to start school at 09:00 from New Education year

Finally, in the morning wake up, he puts the Ministry of Education as he moves to change the start time of school classes from the new school year.
Education Minister Kostas Gavroglou assured on Thursday (28/02) that “the process is proceeding so that from the new academic year the bell will hit the schools at 9” . As he said, next week he is expected to have the conclusion of the competent committee.

Mr Gavroglou stressed that the Commission’s conclusion was drawn up to investigate the possibility of reforming school hours.

In particular, it is proposed that the lessons begin at 9 am instead of at 8:15 so far, a change which will of course also affect the end time of school hours, which will be moved 45 minutes later.

Teacher’s wrath: “Funny decision Gavroglou”

Professors are strongly reacting to a “funny decision by Gavroglou”,considering that only the new change proposed by the Minister of Education will be the only problem .

“There are reasons behind the Gavroglou decision for the bell on 9,” said Olmeo Board member Nikos Papachristos , speaking at the THEMA radio station 104.6.

“This is another decision unilaterally taken by the minister, as he came up with a conclusion he wanted to end up,” he added, pointing out that teachers think the change in time will cause more problems than it will solve.

“The minister’s narrative that students will sleep longer is at least funny.Children do not go for rivers in the evening, they are tired of lessons and tutorials and pressed out of matter. The only thing that can happen from all this is to support only children from distant regions. The meaning of what is it? Is it a precursor to the abolition of new school units, which will encourage the transfer of children from distant locations? “He continued.

Finally, Nikos Papachristos appeared convinced that ” some other feasibility is behind all this, it is obvious”, denouncing that “this minister has no substantive dialogue about anything, not even the New Lyceum.”

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