Directly ordered the seizure of at least 35 dogs and cats, and a process of cross-checking their data through the Ministry of Rural Development.

Information wants dogs and cats to have a final destination in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, while they were gathered from Zakynthos and Kefalonia. Anonymous pet complaint, which was lost and may have been in the mini-van, was also carried out in the port of Patras, in order to carry out the relevant checks and cross-checks.


The prosecutor ordered the animals to be seized until the cross-checking of their data through the competent ministry for rural development. Animal welfare organizations are particularly concerned about the final destination and use of pet animals collected by Greece, as well as the ease with which Greek borders pass and are transported by van.

The pictures from the port of Patras

  Information from animal-welfare organizations, that they want within five years from Zakynthos and Kefalonia only through the Kyllini port, that at least 7,500 stray dogs and cats have crossed the Greek border with destinations in northern Europe.