Prospect for immediate completion of the waterway network in the Ionian Islands || The Economic Contract of the Ionian Islands Region – Port Funds and DEPAN was approved by the Economic Committee

The establishment of waterways in the Ionian Islands Region is a development perspective that can bring multiple benefits to local communities by creating new tourism trends and at the same time meeting social transport needs as well as intercommunication between the islands, is the conclusion reached by all local Ionian Islands.

” For this purpose, the understanding, the cooperation and the utilization of all the possibilities for the success of the project and the avant-garde of the Ionian Islands are necessary bases. Thus, our Region will have all the advantages for the attraction of companies that will ensure a reliable flight project “ states the Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou .

The program contract is a product of systematic cooperation with the co-responsible ministries both for the financing (Ministry of Development) and for the licensing with the Ministry of Transport. The non-profit organization DEPAN , the Network of 103 Municipalities and 40 local government companies with a wide range of implementation of studies and projects that essentially belongs to the central State bodies, is selected as the implementing body . DEPAN is also a Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

The total budget of the project is set at € 3,056,290, of which € 2,011,290 relate to the construction and supply of the necessary infrastructure & equipment which will be financed by the Public Investment Program as state aid, while the remaining 1,044. 700 € relate to other actions such as studies, licensing, technical support of the Port Funds as well as publicity actions which will be covered by other financial instruments. These other actions will include the deliverables from previous actions and the participation of the port funds through their state financing in accordance with the DE MINIMIS rule .

The Program Contract to be signed by the Ionian Islands Region, the Port Funds and DEPAN, will be implemented in two sub-projects and will include:

  • Supply, installation and operation of the necessary infrastructure in the land and water zone of the port for the operation of waterways

  • Delegation of contracting authority

For the budget of the project, the strict framework of calculation and procedures of the NSRF has been applied, although the project is not financed by NSRF resources but by Public Investment resources. Also the commissions have been calculated according to the public procurement law 4412/16, and follow the specifications of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) while the provided services are costed according to the law of 2005 (in force), which concerns the utilization of scientific staff.

” The operation of the waterways as part of all the facilities of the Port Organizations and the Port Funds creates added value and new opportunities, thus strengthening their institutional role. It promotes the tourist market in the wider area of ​​ports but also in areas which until now were neither easily and quickly accessible nor popular tourist destinations and in fact throughout the year. In collaboration with the cruise industry, the possibility of better service and the visit of more tourist areas is created.However, the special importance of the extroversion of such a project can not be underestimated, connecting our place with the rest of the country and stimulating the feeling of security in our beautiful but cut off islands so far “ said the Deputy Regional Minister of Infrastructure and Technical Works Manolis Orfanoudakis , who handles this project on the part of the Region.


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