Protection of the sea turtles in Kefalonia

The sea turtle Caretta caretta is a threatened species, according to the Red Data Book of Endangered Animals of Greece. We will meet her to swim in all the lengths and widths of the Greek seas.

But the particular importance of Kefalonia for the species being sought is that it hosts some of the most important beaches for the reproduction and nesting of the sea turtle in the Mediterranean. The sea turtle spawning beaches in Kefalonia (Minies, Lourdas, Trapezaki, Xi etc.) which are parts of Natura 2000 sites, and there are specific legal provisions for their protection.

Recently, relevant responsibilities have been established in the Ainos National Forest Management Authority (L.4519 / 2018). The importance of these beaches is great, as they are the main spawning areas of Caretta caretta in Kefalonia. This event, together with local co-operation, can lead to the emergence of Kefalonia and the attraction of visitors at European level.

It is of utmost importance to protect the species from local fishermen by measures such as reducing the speed of fishing vessels in Argostoli bay, releasing trapped nets / long-liners, collecting during the evening hours from nesting beaches, so that not to limit the available spawning space for the protected species, cleaning vehicles not to be used from May to October, and reducing light pollution on the beach (lamps, lenses, fires) as well as disorienting the turtles live on their way out of the nests.

Each of us can help protect this ancient reptile through small but conscious acts of respect for our comrades in this world.

Good summer!

Information about the sea turtle and its protection, you will find it daily at E-mail:, at 2671029258 or at the headquarters of the NF Management Agency. Ainos, in the Center for Environmental Information of Koutavos in Argostoli, as well as at the spawning beaches by the volunteers of the wildlifesense organization, responsible for the member of the Board of Directors. of the Managing Authority, Mr. Nikolaos Vallianos at 6984865941.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ainos National Forest Management Agency 
Dr. Georgios Drakatos 
Research Director of the National Observatory of Athens

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